The photography style for Korn Ferry is above all cinematic. The photographs are not just simply relaying information, but telling a story. There should be a real atmosphere and mood lke were capturing a moment in time. The tone should be warm. The lighting should be natural.

Our photography is broken into 3 categories: human, industry, and society.
When used together this creates the UP Effect.

The image should be uncluttered, graphic and cropped in an interesting way. The photography should convey UP. Either a person looking up, the point-of-view of someone looking up or the camera looking down on someone either looking up or climbling up.

Human lens visual style.
Primary image focus is on the intimacy of human expression.
Human lens takes a macro look at people. We should look at these images and get the sense we’re looking at a snap-shot in time in these peoples lives.

Industry lens visual style.
Industry lens is about performance. It’s heroic. It thrives. Use simple graphic images that look strong, bold, and abstract.

Society lens visual style.
Society lens is about looking at the world through a wide lens.
Think about society as a whole. Different cultures. It’s bigger than me and my company. It’s how a career can have an impact on the world.