Our voice is optimistic, confident and forward-looking.  It makes clear that we understand the challenges our clients face every day in finding, rewarding and motivating top talent.  It demonstrates that we offer next generation solutions and strategies to help them grow the generation of leaders and tap the full power and potential of every employee in their workforce. And it is grounded in our firm belief that only people can build great companies that can succeed far into the future.


Headlines in ads, presentations, brochures and digital banners are built on the key concept of our campaign - UP.  At a glance, this lets our audience know that working with Korn Ferry means their organizations are positioned to go above and beyond, achieve more and to stay ahead of the competition.

Headline Examples

It's easy to find, it's where the best people are.

It's where great leaders fit in and stand out.

Is where every business wants to be.
But how do you get there?

It's important to note, that when creating UP headlines, the copy that follows UP helps to define what it is and implies why it is beneficial to get there.  Keep in mind that an UP headline is usually the primary line in a communication piece.  Avoid overusing the word UP or writing multiple headlines using UP in a single piece when unnecessary.

UP should always be written in all caps, and can be used with a period at the beginning of a headline or sentence to establish the concept of UP as a starting point of thought.


Copy should be direct, conversational and as jargon-free as possible.  The intended audience should determine the length and complexity of the writing. Active voice is preferred to passive.  Include a strong call to action whenever possible. And remember, compelling facts and stats help us drive home Korn Ferry benefits.