Color usage

When choosing a color palette for your collateral piece, use the standared rule of thumb or pairing a lighter shade with a darker shade.  If using photography, choose colors that complement the colors in the photo.

An additional color tint of 15% can be used if it helps to increase legiability or better complements other elements on the page i.e photography.

Note: Body copy should be 80% black and NOT one of the Korn Ferry colors.

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When creating a collateral piece that is several pages long, the beginning and end of the piece should use the primary and secondary brand greens.  The interior spreads can use the secondary brand colors to create variety.

Headlines, facts or other short copy can be in color on a solid color background (see green example below) as long as it is very legible.  White on a solid color is the default color option.

Use the example below as guidance for color usage only.